artwork Materials

Artwork Samples

Final artwork specifications

  • Dimension: 1080 x 810 pixels (High definition)
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Display Type: Motion or static
  • Audio: None
  • File Format: JPEG / PNG / MP4

How to upload your artwork materials

  • Source or prepare creative assets that can be used in your campaign, e.g., company logo, background photo etc.
  • Up to four pages can share the 10 seconds advertising slot.
  • Describe the message you wish to get across through this advertising campaign.
  • Use the form below to answer a few questions and to upload your creative assets.

Things to note

  • High resolution images are preferred.
  • Logo should have a transparent background, and if possible, provide two variants (e.g., a light and a dark version).
  • Please ensure that you have the requisite licences for all the creative assets before uploading.

What happens next after you submit the materials

  • We will get back to you with the designed artwork within 5 working days to confirm.
  • The campaign artwork needs to be confirmed 5 days prior to the campaign go-live date.

Your Artwork Materials

Please upload the images and texts you would like to show on your artwork.