Standard model

Each of our hi-spec digital screens offers six 10 second ad slots.  These are shown in a continuous rotation, offering each advertiser a 1/6 share of voice of a highly engaged and relevant audience.  With 72 plays per hour, each ad is showcased every 50 seconds.

By utilising our audience data, we’re able to create specific and bespoke campaigns designed around client specific audiences.  With no minimum spend or volumes, our channel provides advertisers with flexibility and relevance, allowing them to speak directly to those audiences most relevant and most likely to be engaged with their brand.

Our screens are located in high dwell time, high traffic areas such as lift lobbies, mail rooms and reception areas of residential apartment buildings and commercial offices across the UK.  Due to the location and engagement of our screens, your brand could be the last thing someone sees before walking through their front door or reaching their desk, immediately prior to them being in an actionable position.  

We’re able to offer advertisers the opportunity to run multiple creative messaging, which can be played in an even rotation, keeping messaging fresh.  Or changed subject to time of day, or day of the week.  Additionally, each message can be tailored and personalised to each individual building to create an additional sense of personalisation and relevance.



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