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subscription model

Our subscription model is designed to provide a service for SMEs looking to reach a hyper local, engaged audience over a longer period of time.  With a range of different subscription levels, companies can choose their investment levels, in addition to the number of screens they want to take.

Our subscription model takes into consideration both the desired target audience and campaign objectives as well as budgets and we put together bespoke campaigns built around each clients needs.  Available on fixed term or rolling contracts, our subscription service is designed to provide access to an engaged, relevant audience at a lower costed entry point than our standard model, in order to provide a more flexible and equally tailored solution to suit all budgets and requirements.

No more leaflets

Leaflet are often discarded by potential customers and they do not have a long term impact. Our subscription packages allow you to reach potential customers where they live on a daily basis over the course of the subscription period.

Many flyers in mailboxes, symbol for advertising, marketing, spam.

our subscription pricing


Per screen per month
£ 15 6 month subscription
  • 4,320 plays /month
  • £0.0035 /play
  • Monthly report


Per screen per month
£ 21 6 month subscription
  • 8,640 plays /month
  • £0.0029 /play
  • Monthly report
  • Monthly creative update


Per screen per month
£ 39 6 month subscription
  • 17,280 plays /month
  • £0.0023 /play
  • Monthly report
  • Monthly creative update
  • Creative support



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